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  • about-us-1 Matsyam Aquatic Garden is a result of 20 years of dedicated research and development on aquariums, water filtration and pool engineering. We are India’s leading developers and manufacturers of large aquariums, very large acrylic aquariums, public aquariums, fish pond filtration systems, water bodies, chlorine free nature pools and glass walled swimming pools.

    We also manufacture professional aquarium equipments like titanium coil chillers, protein skimmers, denitrators, filtration plants, marine salt for aquariums (synthetic sea salt), 24V LED light panels, orp controlled ozone systems and calcium reactors.

  • about-us-2 The science of aquariums has progressed a great deal in the developed countries over the last 30 years. At Matsyam, we have made religious attempts to study some of the best public aquariums in America, Europe, Japan, Singapore and China to bring the magic of Giant Aquariums to India.

    We just love doing R&D! We indigenously designed and have mastered critical aquarium technologies like, Titanium coil chillers, Protein skimmers, Denitrators, Stainless steel fabricated UV Sterilisers in 144 Watts(36w x 4), Artificial Sea Salt, Aquarium Fertilizers-for planted Aquariums and LED lighting.

Glass walled swimming pools.

A symbol of contemporary architecture and advanced glass engineering.

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