Associated R&D partners:

Sometimes, Aquarium manufacturing seems like rocket science! We constantly strive to improve our products with the help of latest technologies and versatile materials. But we don’t do this alone. There are about 20 people who work really hard behind-the-scene to get us from paper to prototype.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to our associated partners in research and development:

  • partner-1

    Mr. Himanshu desai

    The man who understands electronic automation inside-out
    Mr. Himanshu is an electronics engineer with over 25 years of experience in automation and micro-processor based controls. He has been of great help in development of microprocessor controlled UV sterilizers and automation of the aquarium LSS (life support system)

  • partner-2

    Mr. C.A Patel

    The power electronics expert
    Mr. Patel has been into research and development of power electronic device for over a period of 30 years. He is amongst select few in the nation who understand switching mode power supplies very well. He has been actively involved with Matsyam for development of CCT(constant current technology) Drivers for led lighting of aquariums

  • partner-3

    Mr. Bharat Buch

    The man who believes that accuracy is the mother of perfection.
    Mr. Bharat is an expert in CNC (computerized numerical control) based cutting and engraving of various polymes such as PMMA, ABS and PVC. If the job is in his hands, we are rest assured about the precision!

  • partner-4

    Mr. Hasmukh shah

    Man of Steel
    Hasmukh bhai is amongst ahmedabad’s largest stainless steel merchents. Not only is he a supplier, he is also a bank of knowledge on various stainless steel types and their applications

  • partner-5

    Mr. Vishrut shah

    The Man who can cut steel like butter
    Vishruth bhai owns this mammoth laser cutting machine from Italy that actually cuts steel like butter!
    The laser beam that heats the metal upto 1800°C cuts steel like nothing else can. He gives the professional touch to all the SS related machining and

  • Untitled-2

    Mr. AL Vadhiya and Mr. Pravin Vadhiya

    The plastic injection moulding experts
    Vadhiya Saab and pravin bhai do the very complex reverse engineering for each and every product Matsyam contacts them to make. Making a mould is at least 4 times more complex than the product itself. This is because the mould engineer is expected to imagine the negative coordinates of the said product in 3 dimensions simultaneously!

  • partner-7

    Mr. Vinod and Mr. Madan Malvi

    The Aluminum pressure die casting experts
    When we use the words ‘Aluminium pressure die casting’, we are essentially talking about pressurized filling of molten aluminium into moulds at the pressure of 120 metric tons/sq.inch !
    The Malvis possess an experience of over 30 years in aluminium pressure die casting.

  • partner-8

    Mr. Pankaj Gupta

    The Fastners and Nut-bolts expert
    Mr. Pankaj is an encyclopedia on nuts, bolts, screws, fastners, flanges, studs, washers and what not! Though a small part, but fastning and bolting is a very important part of any product. Matsyam is fortunate to be in collaboration with him for various developmental projects

  • partner-9

    Mr. Bakul Panchal

    The steel sheering and cutting expert
    Large aquariums can require a lot of stainless steel members for support. Bakul bhai in his state of the art workshop does superior quality steel fabrication for our uv chamber’s body. He also has an in-house TIG welding centre.

  • partner-10

    Mr. Ankur

    The Filtration equipment and media expert
    When it comes to knowledge about various filtration equipment and upcoming filtration technologies, Ankur bhai is the person to look out for.
    Not only is he a reliable vendor to Matsyam, he is also extremely learned and assists us with improvements and implementation of newer equipment in aquarium LSS (life support systems)

  • Ramayan

    Mr. Ramnayan Patel

    Metal spinning expert
    Ramnayanji is a skilled metal spinner. He understands the art of spinning aluminium sheet into parabolic light reflectors. He has acquired his training in Iran and Saudi Arabia and is now th most sought after metal spinner in the city.

  • yogesh

    Mr. Yogesh Bhai

    The die and tooling expert

    We often have to custom develop small parts for our projects. These could include a spring, or a lever or maybe a special purpose flange. These are all develobed by yogesh bhai at his workshop. He shares great synchrony with us and hence the prototype is always as imagined

  • Piyush_Haresh

    Mr. Piyush and Mr. Haresh Patel

    Those who exemplify in-vitro craftsmanship
    Piyush bhai and haresh bhai have been associated with Matsyam for quite some time know. They along with their massive glass bending furnace churn out magical curved glass features for designer aquariums from Matsyam.
    They enable us to offer world-class bend glass here in ahmedabad!

  • Dhiraj

    Mr. Dhiraj Shah

    Aluminium’s best friend
    Dhiraj bhai is the owner of a well known Aluminium rolling mill in Ahmedabad. His passion for development of new and innovative products got us connected to him. Our current pilot project of development of professional aquarium LED lighting also involve a lot of aluminium for reflection and heat sinking purpose. He is our vendor as well as a consultant for alloy selection

  • Sameer

    Mr. Sameer bhai

    Man of Titanium
    Samir bhai is the man behind the development of Titanium evaporator coils in Matsyam’s marine aquarium chilling units.
    In all public aquariums and large residential aquariums, the Titanium coils are solely fabricated by him. These coils are robust and made to last for a lifetime

  • kiran

    Mr. Kiran Patel

    The circuits and PCB expert
    Kiran bhai is a master PCB designer and a CAM/CAD operator. He designs and develops all types of pcbs for Matsyam like the FR4 and the aluminium backed MCPCB for better thermal conductivity of LEDs

  • Chandresh

    Mr. Chandresh bhai

    The man who knows polymer coatings best
    Some of our steel or Aluminium parts are powder coated for corrosion and scratch resistance. Chandresh bhai coats our metal parts with world’s #1 Azkonobel polymer coatings which are known to last for over 15 years!

  • Jagdish

    Mr. Jagdish Chauhan

    The expert lathe turner
    Everytime we have a design which needs to be converted to a proto very quickly, Jagdishbhai is the person we reach first. His superior turning and machining skills churn out the proto in minutes!

  • Anil

    Mr. Anil Chauhan

    The man who fuses steel together
    Anil bhai has over 15 years f experience in welding stainless steels of all types including SS:304, SS:316, SS:410 and also titanium!
    He is highly skilled and is trained in the TIG and argon welding techniques. Ech and every weld he makes is adamant!