Keep Your Fish Pond Crystal Clear with Modern Technologies

Feb 26th, 20140 Comments

Crystal Clear Koi Carp Pond

Clean fish ponds with water are very mesmerizing. They generate a sense of being close to nature. Matsyam does a lot of research on making ponds attractive and economically feasible. The major developments that we have come up with are, Sand bed filtration, U.V sterilization and ozonisation. These three technologies together work in a synchronized manner to keep your pond’s water absolutely clean.

But what do these systems actually do??

Sand-bed filtration: Removes particulate matter from from water.

U.V sterilization: Kills 99.9% algae, bacteria and viruses in the system. Hence, it keeps the water pathogen free.

Ozonization : Oxidizes all type of dissolved organic waste from the water.‏

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