Koi pool

Water bodies and ponds enhance the scenic beauty of any landscape. Many architects consider water bodies as an additional element which can associate their designs with nature.MAG offers a wide range of solutions for water bodies and filtered ponds like Heavy-duty UV sterilizers, sand-bed filters and ozonizing systems.Our water bodies and ponds are free of chlorine and other disinfecting chemicals. Use of chlorine and other chemicals can increase the toxicity of the water to a great extent. This is also detrimental for the life forms and fishes which might be present in the water body.
We have extended our large volume aquarium experience to designing and development of biologically filtered chemical free ponds for ‘Koi karp’ fishes. We have made ultra large filtered pools ranging from 25,000 ltr to 300,000 ltr for 5-star hotels and residences across the country.Watching koi-carps, the beautiful fishes from Japan is a very amusing experience. If you aspire to own a like the one you get to see at the Changi international airport in Singapore, contact us today!