Upcoming Projects

  • matsyam


    Matsyam is where we began from. It’s actually an aquarium shop which is more or less  a mini public aquarium which has a display of more than 50 aquariums. It provides a habitat to more than 120 species of fishes. Even today, Matsyam is... Read More...
  • Shekhar-Resort

    The Oriental Taj

    This is a 5-Star resort in the city of Taj Mahal – Agra. We were invited to make 3 aquariums in this resort.           Bar Aquarium This is the unique aquarium which also works as bar table. The aquarium has African... Read More...
  • KTRA home terrarrium

    KTRA Home Terrarrium (project in pipeline)

    A Terrarium of this size has never been made in India before. This is a giant terrarium with a size of about 21 ft x 21 ft x 30 ft (lxbxh). There will be a very intelligent microprocessor based system for humidity and temperature control. This would... Read More...