The Oriental Taj

  • Shekhar-Resort Client :          The Oriental Taj
    Location :   Agra

    This is a 5-Star resort in the city of Taj Mahal – Agra. We were invited to make 3 aquariums in this resort.






    Bar Aquarium

    SRL-Bar aquarium

    This is the unique aquarium which also works as bar table. The aquarium has African cichlids fishes. This is 13 ft long, 3ft tall and 1.5 ft. wide aquarium.

    Restaurant window aquarium

    SRL Food court

    We converted one existing window of the restaurant into a concrete and glass aquarium. Both side glasses and a sump underneath make the aquarium a rugged piece of art. The aquarium has community fishes along with live plantations. This is a 7ft long, 5ft tall and 2ft wide aquarium.

    Large filtered waterbody


    This water body is being maintained with large biological filtration system without chlorine. Water body is teaming with Koi carp fishes.

    Filtration plant

    SRL Filtration plant

    The filter plant of this pool has a capacity to purify 2,50,000 liter water. It is equipped with MAG’s flagship U.V systems and massive sand-bed filters.